Saturday, December 22, 2012


The holiday isn't complete without an unexpected pregnancy announcement in the middle of a family Christmas gathering.

I called it earlier this year. I told my husband that I knew my brother and his new girlfriend would have one underway before this year was out. I told him that I just knew they'd end up announcing at Christmas too.

Well, I guess I nailed it.

Yes, I have a precious child after all these years. Yes, I'm enjoying my holiday season and look forward to his birthday next week. And all of that is wonderful. This doesn't hurt like it would have during the years of infertility and loss before V, but it still stings. Especially in the wake of losing my doctor and facing so many unknowns, as I approach this consult, and as I face what happened with all the ones I lost and the one I kissed tonight.

It serves as another reminder of how starkly polar our realities are.


Celia said...

I think it will always be there for us.

But whoo hoo ONE!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Maybe next year you'll be half way through or near term to your next pregnancy.

Stinky said...

Yes, it doesn't go away, does it? Lucky I don't have any immediate family likely to be announcing more babies (although Mr Stinky's side I'm wondering if its maybe coming up soon)
A friend informed me of her second pregnancy - I just told her about mine, feeling mildly guilty I'd left it quite late to share the good news but also not wanting to share too soon, as you know!
She's due in February. Less than 2 months from birth. Not sure when she would have told me, if I'd not had good news to share first?
It stings, in a slightly different way, and yes, we just *know*!!!

Denver Laura said...

Some people have gaydar. I have bumpdar. My brother and his wife got married in April and I also "just knew" they'd get pregnant quickly. They had a gender reveal cake at Christmas so I know exactly what you're going through, even as I hug my little girl tight.

Amy L. said...

Holy crap, we must be related. My husband's brother pulled this at Christmas, too, in my house, with my dead twins' Christmas ornaments all over our tree, and their Molly Bears on top of our TV, and us having just told the family that our new baby was diagnosed with placenta previa...the same complication that ultimately caused our daughter's water to break and us to lose both our babies. Luckily, he had the foresight to ask my husband if they could announce to the family, and DH asked me. My answer was a resounding, "No." My SIL pouted all night and they left early. I don't care. She can wait, a least, until we make it through next week, the point at which we lost the twins. I earned this.

AnotherDreamer said...

Amy, Congrats on your pregnancy, although I know it's a scary time even amidst such joy. The holidays are so hard sometimes, and I'm sorry for what you had to deal with. I'm sorry that your SIL couldn't understand your feelings, but I'm glad your BIL at least asked your DH. You're right- she can wait!