Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don't Ignore Your Resources

When it comes to infertility, I think one of the most important things you can do is utilize your resources. Resources come in many shapes and forms, it can be a family member, a friend, social networking sites, online forums, your local library; they all hold knowledge. Now, you shouldn't be your own doctor on this journey, but I find it crucial that you be your own advocate. Know what questions to ask. Be your own advocate, even if it makes you uncomfortable, even if you're afraid of confrontation, ask questions anyway. Doctors are not gods, they don't hold all the answers as much as we want them too.

When I started out, I didn't even know how the female reproductive cycle worked. I read books like Taking Charge of Your Fertility and remedied that. I didn't know about the latest treatments available, I talked to my doctor, I read books, I asked online, I met up with women who've been through this. I felt less alone, and I felt empowered. By learning what I could, I was able to make an educated decision to leave my former reproductive doctor and search for one better suited to my needs. If I has stayed with him, I might not have my son. I was able to ask the right questions of my new doctor, to suggest treatments that I was more comfortable with, and work together with my doctor to meet our goal.

I spent those four years on a quest for knowledge. In return, I've been able to advise friends and family about what they should ask their doctors too. I've taken from others, and I've given. But my biggest piece of advice has always been this: Be your own advocate. Use the resources you have available.

Today is the start of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW),
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The Steadfast Warrior said...

Hear, hear! It's so daunting when you first start the process of family building and realize how little we know about our own bodies! Astonishing really.

Empowerment I think is the key words you used. By having the info and support you need, you can make educated decisions and be happy with that.

Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse said...

This is such an important message, and one that I just learned the hard way. I am certainly going to be my own best advocate from here on out - thank you for reinforcing that for us.