Saturday, April 14, 2012

A month down-

It's been about a month since I planned to start working on weight loss, and the first month hasn't went so well. It had a really bumpy start, but since I stopped nursing I've done much better. I've been religiously watching my calories since April 1st. I'm doing pretty well so far, I try to keep it below 1800cal/day for right now, but eventually I'd like to take it down to 1500cal/day. In the past, 1500 has been my magic number, but 1800 is working pretty good for now. So far I've lost about 4lbs, if my home scale is to be believed.

As for exercising... still not much going on there. I really need to get on that, but little man is so clingy and he fights sleep like a master. At night, he gets extremely cranky because he gets overtired, from the lack of naps, then at midnight he passes out for the night. Whew. Once the weather gets better, I really do want to start taking him for walks but right now I feel very strapped for time. The most exercise I get day to day is walking V from the living room to the kitchen, and back and forth, back and forth, all night... and if I'm very lucky, cleaning! I try to look at cleaning as multipurpose- I burn calories, and the house looks better. It's truly a win-win. Still, I would really like to get back on the treadmill.

I re-measured my waist/hip/neck to compare to last year to see where things stand. Surprisingly, my neck and waist are the same... but my hips are 2 inches bigger (from the pouch I have on my lower belly). I guessed as much, since my pants fit different there (and I have eyes that can see it) but I didn't realize it was 2 whole inches larger. It's so weird being the same weight but having a different body shape. Well, I take that back... I'm now the same weight, I'm 4lbs lighter now. Ha.

I started regular BCP to control my PCOS. I almost didn't get them because of my clotting issues, but since mine are minor and I take a low-dose aspirin a day it should be fine. BCP has always helped me a lot in the past. Besides regulating me (since I don't ovulate) it also helps with pesky PCOS symptoms. And it works wonders at preventing my cysts, and getting rid of existing ones. I really don't want to worry about cysts right now. So, here's hoping it does it's thing.

I would post a progression picture, but there really isn't much progress. I look exactly the same in each photo. Yuck. Hopefully next month I'll see some changes...

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Lissie said...

Keep up the good work! 4 lbs is great! Every pound is a victory with PCOS.