Friday, November 11, 2011


I slept for 2 hours last night. Not for lack of exhaustion and trying, but this insomnia is a PAIN. Even when I take an over the counter sleep aide, I still only sleep 4 hours maximum before I'm back up and unable to sleep again. When I sleep on my own, it's more like 2 hours... if I'm lucky... and I always wake up during my REM sleep stage. Not cool. My OB prescribed me some sleeping pills to take on the weekend to help me get through this lull, because seriously I am not functioning like this. Physically it's just brutal. I'm so tired all the time, and I have plenty of time to rest, but I just can not sleep to save my life. Ugh.

Our 34 week appointment this morning went well. Up until last appointment my fundal height had been measuring spot on for how many weeks I am, then suddenly it's jumped up ahead a few weeks. I was measuring around 36 weeks today I guess. My OB wanted me to get a growth ultrasound and check positioning (since he's favored breech/transverse this whole time). He's head down (hopefully staying there too), has lots of hair, and was practicing breathing (which was neat looking). When she measured his head/abdomen the GA calculator (for average age/size) showed he was measuring around 37-38wks already. She estimated his weight at 6lbs and 4oz, + or - a pound. He has been measuring a little beefy, even on other machines... so I don't know. Either way you look at it though, he is a bit big for only 34wks. My OB said he's around the 85-90th percentile right now. She said that it's nothing to be alarmed about yet, and they don't want to plan on inducing early due to his size at the moment, but she definitely wants to keep an eye on it. I really don't mind the idea of being induced early, to be honest. I'm worried about my anti-coagulant dosing, the weather, the timing, and lots of other little things... but whatever happens, happens.

I go back the day before Thanksgiving for my 36wk appointment (I'll actually be 35wks and 4 days then I think- have to go in early or late because of the holiday weekend) and we'll start the internal exams, as well as switching to Heparin that weekend.

We went to our breastfeeding class tonight, it was somewhat informative but rather redundant and repetitive. Way too many nipple photos/videos for me. Sorry, but a single photo or two to get an understanding of what she was talking about would have been more than enough. But then she had to show a video that was like 10 minutes long about signs/cues/latches and it was like several minute clips of basically the exact same footage... I think a single clip of each would have been sufficient. Then there were more photos of the things she already covered. I think the class could have been called "nipples for dummies." I wanted a class more geared towards basics of breastfeeding, issues that might arise, but this was just... really dumbed down. I know it was a "basics" class, but it felt like it was more of a "for those who've never heard of breastfeeding." If that makes sense.

It probably didn't help that I was about to pass out the entire session. So. tired. As I said, I had two hours of sleep last night, and then after our appointment I took a 4 hour nap but that obviously isn't enough. Can not function. And these braxton hicks contractions have increased the last few days (which is really uncomfortable), my heartburn is running wild, I feel like I'm going to throw up, my jaw/teeth hurt, and I have a migraine from hell. Sorry, I feel like total and utter crap right now. I think I'm just going to go ahead to bed. Ugh.


Celia said...

Remember when I went to breastfeeding class and ran out shouting ASS TO MOUTH YOU NEVER GO ASS TO MOUTH! Oh man. We are skipping that this time, though I might take a childbirth class if my ob thinks I have a prayer of using the front door and not the escape hatch. You have to trust your dr about the size of the baby but I got really big at the end too and they sent me for an ultrasound and everyone told me Peter was at least a pound bigger than he actually was. Just keep in mind that they may be right but they may also be wrong about the babies weight.

I am sorry you are so uncomfortable. Poor boo. You are almost done.

Rebecca said...

Well by what you wrote above it shouldn't be all that much longer until you son will be in your arms, giving you less sleep and making a mess in his diaper. Well I hope its only in his diaper and not all over you.

Maybe after he is born you will get a day to sleep and have your husband take care of him?

I so can't wait to see the baby photos. Okay so I know I'm jumping ahead but I'm excited for you.

Shannon Ivy said...

as crappy as you feel... just repeat "baby! baby! baby!"

I hope you get some more sleep and rest!