Friday, November 18, 2011

Almost 35/35

Tomorrow I'll be 35 weeks pregnant, with 35 more days until our estimated due date. How crazy is that?

We have a lot of stuff still left to do, like the nursery... umm, I think we'll get to it eventually? We plan on buying the crib mattress tomorrow, so we'll at least get the crib together real soon. And the dresser, still need that. Honestly, I think I'm slacking so much because of the lack of furniture. I mean, everything is in there... just not organized or set up. So much chaos. Need places to put things. Ack.

I also have to think about getting a hospital bag together, and the car seat installed/inspected. We're working on the latter. I told my husband I'd like it done by next week, because we just need to get it over with. As for the bag, I know what I want in it... so we just have to scrounge that all together. Not a huge deal.

I had to get a cavity filled yesterday... that was fun. I really don't mind going to the dentist, or getting work done, it's just the finances that kill me. Hopefully one day we'll get dental insurance, but for now we're self pay... and that can get pretty expensive. I was really dragging my feet about it, but that cavity was seriously bothering me. I hope I can get back to eating normal now.

Next week is SUPER busy. I have to switch my phone provider, have a prenatal appointment with an internal exam, working, quitting (yup, finally made the decision to not return), then Thanksgiving (with the in-laws... I'm going to need strength to get through it), switching to Heparin, and putting up holiday decorations! I can't wait for next weekend, things will finally wind down a bit and I can just relax and catch up on sleep.

God, I miss sleep.

My mom is causing all sorts of stress and drama for me: some stemming from my brother and his girlfriend, and some from her compulsive lying. Needless to say I am avoiding her/them like the devil right now. So much drama that it hurts... ugh.

Otherwise, things seem to be going alright here. I am super excited about being 35 weeks tomorrow. Who am I kidding, I get super excited every Saturday when another week begins! So there's always that. Nombie hasn't been moving a lot, but at least I can usually get him dancing when I have candy or orange juice. I think he tried to change positions the other day, I felt his head or butt poking out my side... and I was like, "NOOO, you stay head down!" He moved it shortly after, but I don't know where to. I know they can change positions a lot up until delivery, but once he's in a position he usually stays there for a long time. I worry that he'll flip and stay in an awkward position. Guess we'll see. Really, as long as he's healthy and alive it doesn't matter though- one way or another we'll get him out.


Rebecca said...

Have you thought about for a dresser? Unless you want new that is, which I totally understand. I had to laugh about the baby moving and you telling him to stay down. Hard to believe its been 35 weeks already. Wow! Time has flown by. Well I guess it hasn't for you since you had to deal with worrying but for me reading your blog its flown by.

Cape Girl said...

I used to read your blog religiously, but took a hiatus from blogging and reading after my son was born. I am overjoyed to see that your pregnant!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! said...

It took me a while to set things up for C while I was pregnant with her. It seemed strange that I would really get to take her home after so much loss.

Gah, I would love to avoid the holidays every year if I could. But I am great at avoiding my mother who hasn't called me since July. Good times.

Sorry about the cavity :(

Shannon Ivy said...

Yay for 35 weeks! Soon we will be expecting pictures!!!!

St Elsewhere said...

35 weeks! Wow, AD!!! Just Wow!

Get that nursery's high time you got that all done...

And avoiding your mum seems to be a very potent idea. You should not be dealing with any other drama right now....

Take Care!

Stinky said...

Yay! Sounds crazy yes, but goodcrazy.

How exciting!!