Thursday, December 23, 2010


Someone needs to smack me and tell me to grow a spine.

Sitting here on cycle day 43, of another anovulatory cycle (the only kind I have on my own) and I still haven't called my doctor to ask for meds to start a new cycle or to schedule a consult. I just... umm... don't want to. I know I should (I've been in the game long enough to know that) but I really don't want to.

Lame. I know.

I keep temping every now and then to confirm I haven't ovulated. Sometimes my temp spikes. But, it does that on anovulatory cycles. And I'm still on the prescription strength vitamin D regiment per my primary care physician. Last time I was on those really high doses of D, it made my temps loopty loop. Didn't ovulate then either, but my temps were crazy and unreliable.

So I am just counting the days off and letting my body be stupid and slack off.

My dog still isn't better. I had to take him back to the vet. No more episodes, but he's disoriented 24/7 and falling over a lot. And not wanting to eat. And throwing up. And scared as hell because he doesn't know what's going on. He can't jump up or down on things without stumbling. He can't go up or down the stairs without help, and thank goodness he realizes this. He stands at the top or bottom and waits for us to help him down. What a good smart old dog. He's now on 4 pills twice a day. Hoping he gets better in a few days or weeks... if he doesn't, then it might not be vestibular disease. It could have been a stroke, the vet couldn't rule that out. But vestibular issues seem more likely, so let's hope it was that.


Negative Nelly said...

Poor pup :( I hate it when furbabies are sick :(

Maybe you just need some more time off of meds and a break from all this nonesense. Do what you need to do girl. Christmas will be over soon enough. said...

Sorry to hear that your dog isn't getting any better :(

bah, I've done that too with my cycles. When I was "done" with my MN RE I think I got to cycle day 90 before AF showed up. Then next time I did call though. Bah.

WiseGuy said...

Well, anovulatory and all, stay off that medicine mania for a while...I am not really your fairy Godmother, or I would have done some tricks with my magic wand.

And I hope that your dog recovers, he sounds better, but just minimally so, and there needs to be a great amount of improvement yet...

Anonymous said...

Temping never worked for me. I think some of us just don't have the hormones to make it work right. Even the damn ovulation kits don't work, and I spent a fortune on them. For me, it's always gonna take the trigger shot for anything to happen.
I'm so sorry about your furbaby. I'm hoping he gets better quickly so y'all will have a happy holidays!