Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am pretty Blah right now.

I don't know where I am right now, did I Ov, did I not?
I'm in limbo.

My P4 from CD24 was a big fat no, my level was like a 1. No Ov.
But I may have Ov'ed on CD24, just not sure yet.
I had a temp rise this morning (Which we'll have to watch pan out up or down.)
And I had some weird CM, TMI but it had a little small amount of blood in it. It reminded me of what happened when I Ov'ed in April. A day or two after Ov I had the same CM effect.

So we shall see.

Either way, I got my Clomid upped to 100mg (Dear god, save me from the CloMOOD!!! Love that term, lol.) And I have Provera waiting for me at the pharmacy, if I feel this cycle is a bust.

Waiting waiting waiting. Story of my life.

Oh, vent...
I called the doctors office and talked to this nurse and She was trying to explain to me what I already know... and telling me that I should take the Clomid when I get my next AF, and I corrected her, and explained I take Provera so when it gives me AF... and then explained to her I don't Ov on my own, ever. I never get AF on my own. and she was like,
"Wow, a lot of woman would love for that!"
And I said, "I would rather have a baby then to have this."
She's like "Oh, well yeah. Did you have any?"
"No. I had a m/c in May."
"Well, there's some hope then!"
"No, I had to go on BCP and go off then to jump start my cycles for that, and it obviously didn't work out."
And then she tied up the conversation with, "Well, we've seen many woman in here have success with the Clomid!" and we finished our dialogue and I hung up.

Why don't these doctors educate their nurses?

I wish I had medical insurance that covers IF, I'd so be in with an RE right now!

Furthermore, I wish there was an RE closer than 1-1.5 hours away!

I'd so go there, but for now... for now, I'll stay here and do the Clomid.
But if the Clomid doesn't work, and shows no sign of trying to... well, off to get a real job and to saving money. I'm going to need it for either an RE or adoption!!!

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