Friday, May 2, 2014

Updates and sick again-

My OB follow up went well, my cervix was still over 4cm so that was great. Both babies were squirming and had good heart rates too. My doctor prescribed me some medication for my killer heartburn and it's been amazing. I really needed it. I was starting to feel more human after my scare, no more contractions, I even managed to go to the store (not on my own mind you). We did our hospital tour, I used a wheel chair to be safe, and that all went well.

And then I got sick. Not the stomach flu again, thank goodness, but a cold. It's pretty nasty. I was feeling pretty bad yesterday, I was crying because I felt so awful and on top of the previous illness... but I'm a lot worse today. I'm taking meds to help with the congestion but I am so out of it. I was up every hour, on the dot, last night just to cough up phlegm and blow my nose. I am not functioning well today. I am staying hydrated though, and taking it super easy... not that I have any choice there, going from room to room hurts my lungs and winds me. I've been using my inhaler a lot, but with my decreased lung capacity (due to the twins) and this new bug, taking a deep breath physically hurts. So using my inhaler hurts, but not using it hurts more soooo....

In summary: this past month I have had two bouts of stomach flu, spent 12 hours in L&D for contractions from dehydration, and now this cold. I am not functioning so well these days.

I did just get an important call though: my c-section has been scheduled! Babies will be here no later than June 30th. Obviously they could still come sooner, but at least we have a finish line ahead of us now. Something solid to count down to. I needed that today.


An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

I'm so sorry that you are having such a rough time. Very excited that the end is in sight and that babies are doing great :) said...

I hope you feel better soon! Or get a really great nap!! Yay for "due" date!!!