Thursday, January 9, 2014

14 weeks

I'm not doing weekly bump posts like last time, but I thought I'd offer a comparison. Apparently a second pregnancy (to make it this far, 5th total though) and it being twins makes a huge difference. Here's 4 weeks vs 14 weeks.

I did have mild OHSS in the first one so I was a bit bloated. My dress, which I had cut out and sewn months in advance barely zipped for Halloween. I don't think it's super noticeable but the change in fit, from before stimming to after I got my first positive, was huge. I was seriously worried I wouldn't be able to wear it to take V trick-or-treating.

Now, well, things are pretty obvious. To someone who doesn't know me it might be easy to assume I'm just bigger. To me at least, it's obvious pregnancy bump. I feel huge. I was not showing this much at this stage with V.

Sometimes I do feel flutters, especially while using my doppler. The little stinkers threw me for a loop last night, after having been in the same spots for several days they switched things up and it took me forever to find them last night. I barely did, and I'm not entirely sure I didn't just fine the same one since it swims around a lot. Oh well!

I haven't been bruising as bad from my Lovenox. That's not to say I'm not at all, I got a pretty bad one last night. It's all about the area and how slowly I inject though, some areas are just more prone to bruising. The far end of my love-handles, way to the side, seem to be the best. Of course there's only so many times I can inject there, and on the rare occasion those ones do bruise I have to hunt for different areas. Sometimes my injects go just fine, sometimes they're extremely painful. It's all hit or miss.

So, 14 weeks. That's something. We're out of the first trimester (yay), and I'm hoping the next 10 weeks will go as smoothly as these last.

3 comments: said...

You look great!!

They had me to my injects in a circle around my belly button. I do not miss those shots. Here's to another uneventful 10 weeks!!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic!! I am so glad you're at this point and doing so well. :)

Momasita said...

Just checking in after quite a while away from the blogosphere... Congratulations!