Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6 months-

V is 6 months old today. He's growing so fast, it's unreal. Sometimes when I hold him it just hits me all over again how much bigger he is now than when he was born. He's more than doubled his birth weight, and he's just growing longer and longer. He went through a growth spurt last week and I had to put away a ton of his clothes. It's amazing how clothes will fit him fine one week, then the next week they won't even button.

We have a lot of his stuff we keep meaning to take to the thrift store, but we just keep putting it off. Things are piling up. I have stuff of his that need to go in the attic too. Part of it is having a hard time letting go, but another is finding the time. There's so much I mean to do, but I'm just so busy anymore.

The kid is getting really mobile now. He still can't sit on his own, but he is a master of rolling both ways. When he wakes up in his pack'n'play now, the first thing he does is roll over onto his belly, rotate towards his toys, and use his legs to push against the sideboard to get to them. It's awesome, and it's scary... I have some preparing to do before he gets really mobile! But I have a feeling it won't be long now. Yikes.

He's starting to eat some purees, only a couple ounces a day. He really likes apples, pears, and carrots. Sweet potatoes were a NO. That doesn't really surprise me though, A and I hate sweet potatoes. Heh. When he's done eating, he lets me know by refusing or starting to blow raspberries with the food. The latter is his favorite, he thinks it's hilarious! I'll be honest, I do too... even if my face does end up covered in carrots from time to time.

I'm trying my hand at making homemade baby purees. I think it might be cheaper, and probably healthier too. We've tried jarred purees so far but I made some homemade tonight... so I guess I'll find out how that goes tomorrow. I made apples and carrots to start, since I know he normally likes those.

He's been going through a "cling to mommy" phase. He won't go down for a nap unless he falls asleep in my arms, or on the bed snuggled up next to me. Most of the time I can move him from me to the pack'n'play with no issues, but often enough he wakes up, then screams when he realizes what I'm doing. Sometimes I don't mind, I'll just cuddle him and watch TV for an hour. Sometimes though, it's really hard because I have dishes that need done, a floor that needs swept/mopped, I need to jog, I need to prepare dinner, etc... and I only have two arms. I keep hoping that it's a passing phase, but it's been almost a month now. It's been a lot worse this past two weeks. And this past week, he's been waking up at 5am to either cuddle or eat... he normally goes to bed at midnight and wakes up at 8-9am. So it's been rough.

And, he's up from his nap! I better go get a bottle ready.


St Elsewhere said...

Happy 6 months, V!

I totally hear you on how suddenly it seems that nothing fits...the same thing happens with Figlia.

Homemade purees are definitely healthier...the cheaper part is a little secondary. I am going to start Figzy on solids (again) soon, and I am thinking apples...

aryanhwy said...

I'm trying my hand at making homemade baby purees.

I highly recommend making your own goos. I've been doing it from the start with Gwen, mostly because (a) it's cheaper and (b) a lot of store-bought purees are gross and I can't bring myself to feed her something I wouldn't eat myself! (We've only done store bought purees when we've been traveling; I have to say, the brand my husband found at a grocery store in Geneva actually seemed pretty decent). It's really easy -- chop whatever you've got into smallish, uniform chunks, and stew over low heat until they're soft enough to run through a blender. Whether you need to add any water depends on what you're cooking; from experience, zucchini, mushrooms, frozen peas, and frozen red cabbage don't need any water; broccoli and carrots a minimal amount; cauliflower a lot more than you'd think. I just finished chopping and cooking about 3 pounds of nectarines and they're so ripe and juicy I didn't need to add any extra water or juice.

Stinky said...

cuteness. He's a wee stunner! At the risk of you having already mentioned this, and me not having a frigging clue about any of this kinda stuff, would a sling or wrap be an option for the little guy? Close to Mum for him, and handsfree (kinda) option for you?

Shannon Ivy said...

I saw the picture of V and instantly thought about how much older he looks! He is going to be a good looking little boy/man!

I want to do a lot of homemade purees, mainly so I can keep track of what is actually IN the food, lol.

jessiwallace said...

My motto: those dishes can get done later. Your little guy is little for such a short period of time. ;) Enjoy it! Snuggle, cuddle, love all over him while he's that tiny. You're doing a great job, momma! He looks precious!

Celia said...

You can mash a whole avocado, freeze the leftovers in dollops, and then defrost them in cold water. PASTINA makes a great first mac and cheese. Marscapone is good too. So is ground flaxseed for thickening

MrsSpock said...

he is so big!

I made some homemade purees in the slow cooker. Easy peasy.