Tuesday, March 3, 2015

8 months out

The little misses are eight months. Life is still very full, with moments of intense crazy.

J is a mover. She wants to be mobile; she even started crawling full on the other day! She still prefers squealing, screaming, and whining, to attempts at vocalization. Lots of squealing.

G is a talker. She makes all sorts of noises, babbles, and mimics us. Her latest thing is to blow kisses, she is also trying to clap. She does a sort of lunge, plummet, crawl thing, the same Vincent did before he crawled.

They both are eating some solids (purees and puffs) now, but mostly nursing. Neither have teeth yet. Vincent got his first at 8 months, and according to my baby book I didn't get one until 9 months. The girls can take after me, I am FINE with that. J likes to bite.

Speaking of teething, V is cutting one of his last "two year" molars. Poor kid.

He is.... sigh. We have things to work on. He is awesome, but we have a lot of issues with disobedience and jealousy still. We are addressing it, but it's going to take time. He knows he's been able to get away with certain things because of the babies and my limitations, but we're working harder at consistency now.

I am still struggling a lot, in general. Even eight months out I am still in survival mode, and I'm starting to wonder if it will ever get "easier." Or manageable. I wish I had more help and support.


An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Just wanted to tell you... I have zero twin experience. But it was a few months after my second baby's 1st birthday that I remember watching my boys play outside together and thinking "I finally think I am enjoying being their mom". I only had one preschooler and one baby (my youngest had some health problems from 6 months on that we're still trying to deal with, but I honestly believe twins are harder!) and I know that it took awhile until I finally felt out of survival mode... heck, or to even like what I was doing and not be depressed and crying all the time or ready to scream at someone constantly. I know that not having the help or support you need makes it that much harder. And I know that you've had your own health stuff going on as well and some uncertainty is some of your other circumstances. I guess I just wanted to say I know you are going through a lot but hang in there (yeah, super cliche, sorry) and that you are seriously one of the strongest people I know (ok, not really know... blog stalk). (Seriously though. I started reading your blog years ago because you'd been through a lot of the same stuff I was going through except for worse and you were still going and it really inspired me and at the time I really felt like if you could get through three miscarriages and keep going then I could too). No assurances, but I'm crossing my fingers that it will get better. I'm really sorry that you are going through as much as you are.

Jennifer said...

They are so beautiful! I think it must get easier, mustn't it? I hope so!

AnotherDreamer said...

Thank you both.

Jennifer, I really hope so!

AAMTB, Thank you. I honestly feel guilty and whiny on top of that, but I'm really struggling a lot most days. I really appreciate your support.

Melis.sa said...

I think two to three kids was such a difficult transition for me so I can't imagine how one to three went with V being so close in age. I totally agree with the first comment, I don't think I really enjoyed much day to day until my youngest was 1. There was always someone whining or crying or sick or on my lap. No matter how much I wanted all of my babies the days were hard and it was beyond stressful. Thinking of you!!