Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 weeks

It's been three weeks now. A returned to work today; the girls, V, and I all survived. Huzzah!

I managed to wrangle the girls into position to tandem nurse on my own, I kept V from trampling them, and I even washed some dishes.

And of course it's been two days since then and I'm still working on this post. We're still surviving. Today has been a little rougher, the girls aren't latching as well (they prefer biting and pulling on me, which has caused a lot of pain/discomfort), and I'm trying to figure out if we're dealing with the poor latch or the beginnings of thrush. We're still nursing though. Last weekend we survived a batch of cluster feeding, started to see some semblance of a pattern for nursing but that's all sort of fallen to rot today. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

I wrote a thank you note for my fertility clinic today. I may have shed a tear... because seriously how do you thank someone enough for such a gift? And I realize that yes they are paid monetarily for what they do, but our clinic really went above and beyond during our time there. And without them none of these kids would exist, there is absolutely no question of that. I tucked the note in with our birth announcement for the girls, just like I did with V, and it'll go in the mail tomorrow. We'll probably take the kids to visit Dr. M sometime in the coming weeks. I'm sure that will be full of all the feels since we don't plan on ever returning there.


Heather Wittman said...

Your girls are beautiful. What does big brother think? Glad you're all doing well.

Rebecca said...

Hmmm...I'll have to look up thrush. I know that I should be soon or should have already started on wiping out Little E's mouth after each feeding but I'm so afraid of making her choke on the cloth. Any advise on how to do it?

AnotherDreamer said...

Rebecca, this may sound bad but I don't yet. I remember doing it with V though, and I basically just had the cloth wrapped over my finger and would do a swipe side to side, sometimes rubbing the gums. If he wouldn't open his mouth I would touch his bottom lip or the sides to get him to open up, just like for BFing.

Heather, he doesn't think much about it yet. He is starting to get jealous, but mostly he acts like they're not even here... which is bad because I'm constantly having to stop him from jumping on them, stop him from climbing over them to get on our laps, or hitting them with toys on accident... just constantly on guard. He does give them kisses and look at them, but it's still abstract to him right now I guess.